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Digitalweb Portfolio – Staco Insurance Plc

Staco Insurance Plc

Client Profile:

Staco Insurance Plc. an insurance company with branches across several states in Nigeria approached us with an idea to design and develop a website that would position their services as a credible underwriter in the highly competitive insurance landscape of Nigeria. As an insurer, they have the sole responsibility to provide contract undertaking to pay compensation or to indemnify another in the event of loss or damage.

Project Summary and Implementation Strategy:

The scope of the project involves the design and development of a website that delivers personalised, professional and innovative insurance products with absolute transparency to provide cover, create wealth and protect individual and business assets.

In order to achieve our objectives, we initially established stakeholders with key responsibilities to provide technical support. We then carried out an organisation-wide requirements analysis to align their objectives with the project plan. Our developer completed the design by ensuring the users’ view and the systems’ view has been executed.

Industry Specifics: Insurance Company

The Nigerian Insurance Industry has evolved in recent times following new capitalisation requirements for companies operating in the sector. Activities have noticeably increased; with enhanced public awareness, rapid expansion and strategic business acquisitions. Given the strict supervisory regulations, Staco Plc. is compliant and hence licensed to transact all classes of insurance business.


Based on work experience on this project we have gained the credibility to develop websites for a big company with a large workforce that demanded various stakeholder buy-in from start to finish.

Keywords: Insurance, Premium, Cover, Settlement 

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