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Facilitating a Lasting Relationship Between the Client and the Developer


Usability is defined as the degree to which system-user journeys and information requirements are transformed into new system builds. It is also referred to as system development from the user-centric perspective.

At Digitalweb, this process has helped to scope out all functionality for designers, developers and clients. The user-centred design (UCD) approach allows us to greatly reduce the cost of code restructuring, reduce development lag and get websites and web applications ready in good time. Our aim is to focus on solving one of the most difficult problems within the software/technical field, which is fostering shared understanding between the client and the developer.

We enabled processes that allow for both parties to proactively collaborate to progress, refine and build attractive solutions. The transparency allows for all parties to understand the developer’s system view through to the user’s system view.

Largely, we make sure that the right problems have our undivided attention but when we start breaking out the solutions into their respective chunks; having the UCD approach allows for a perfect finish which results in websites and software builds that deliver ROI and can ultimately scale.

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