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Nigeria National Accreditation Service (NiNAS)

Client Profile:
Our client had a clear vision of providing to the society a website where people can get credible and cost effective accreditation services with international recognition. The client had a clear idea about the project and thus the work began on it with the same passion and thoughts. The whole thought behind this website is to help people increase the marketability of Nigerian and West African goods and services. The businesses and exporters who use accredited assessment bodies will be able to compete more easily in international markets.

Project Summary and Implementation Strategy:
The project aims at designing and developing a reinforced platform that seeks to improve missing standards and quality control bodies in order to advance the quality of products and services exchanged in the markets while ensuring the protection of consumers.

The website was implemented with the aim of facilitating consumer confidence by ensuring that third party organisations providing assessment services are technically competent and impartial to carry out their specific activities. Key information like industry-specific publications regarding accreditation requirements formed the knowledge base of the website content.

Industry Specifics:
The globalisation of business and international trade has propelled The Nigeria National Accreditation Service (NINAS) recently registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria to ensure safety, integrity and marketability of goods and services coming into the country as well as removal of technical barriers to foreign exports.

The knowledge learned from this project will help us to render effective knowledge-based solutions to our clients in the near future when the opportunity presents itself.
Keywords: Accreditation, Assessment, Recognition, Quality

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